When Betsy and Bill Nachbauer started their winery in 1994, the name “ACORN Winery” seemed to be a perfect choice. The acorn is a popular symbol of prosperity, good fortune, and potential which were all desired at the inception of the winery. From the beautiful oak trees surrounding the vineyard to the oak wine barrels, the name “ACORN” was chosen and the rest has been history.

In 1990, Bill decided to stop pursuing a law degree and instead chased a dream of his – winemaking. He purchased Alegría Vineyards and started diligently working in the field and learning as much about the process as possible. Betsy, Bill’s wife, decided to start pursuing this business venture with her husband.

In the beginning, they sold all the grapes to other wineries but decided to officially establish their own winery, ACORN Winery, in 1994. Their first wine, a 1994 Sangiovese, released in 1996. Today, ACORN produces seven wines including: Russian River Valley Heritage Vines™ Zinfandel from the original 1890s vineyard, Russian River Valley Axiom® Syrah, Russian River Valley Cabernet Franc, Russian River Valley Sangiovese, Russian River Valley Dolcetto, two proprietary blends—Medley® and Acorn Hill, and a flavorful Rosato (a dry Rosé). While they still sell grapes to other wineries, Bill and Betsy enjoy creating their own wines. The wines are blended from the day the grapes are picked which truly sets ACORN apart from other wineries.

To visit ACORN Winery, please visit their website for more information and booking assistance. Bill and Betsy are not only kind and welcoming, but their passion for wine is evident through their accomplishments. They would love to tell you more about the ACORN story themselves!