Since its first vintage in 2002, MacPhail Wines has continued to impress wine enthusiasts in Sonoma County and Mendocino’s Anderson Valley. Not only does the winery excel in its industry, but its founders, the Hess’, place significant value on both family and fun. The family believes in cherishing the simple joys in life which are symbolized by the little red wagon in the logo and interwoven within the business’ strategy.

MacPhail Wines has truly become a revered winery in Sonoma County and Mendocino’s Anderson Valley. Currently, Tim and Sabrina Persson, the fifth generation of the Hess family, serve as the winery’s owners and operators. Matt Courtney, the head winemaker, has worked with the family for years and has played a significant role in MacPhail’s success. MacPhail Wines forges strong partnerships with local growers willing to join them in the pursuit of better wine. Additionally, the family uses traditional, old-world winemaking techniques with minimal intervention to deliver exceptional wines.

While the family chooses to never take life too seriously, they certainly care about the cultivation of their wines. To experience the simple joys found at MacPhail Wines, stop by for a visit. A variety of tasting experiences are available to suit your needs! For the wine enthusiasts, a wine club is offered and boasts many benefits. Just as the little red wagon symbolizes the simple joys of MacPhail Wines, the family hopes their winery will inspire you to reflect on the simple joys in your own life.