The Story of Stuhlmuller Vineyards

Since 1982, Stuhlmuller Vineyards has built its reputation as a premier grower and seller of Sonoma County’s best grapes. In the mid-90s, Fritz Stuhlmuller, the founder, decided to open a small, artisan winery after being inspired by complex wines created from his family’s vineyard. In 2000, a new winery was built at Stuhlmuller Vineyards. Today, the Sonoma County winery boasts incredible wine created by the vineyard’s world-class fruit.

In the vineyards, Chardonnay fruit with a delightfully distinct taste is produced. Additionally, the Cabernet Sauvignon offers hints of sage and bay leaf with signature fruit and cocoa tastes. Stuhlmuller Vineyard’s online shop boasts a variety of their best wines that everyone will enjoy. The vineyard’s head winemaker, Leo Hansen, strives to cultivate the best grapes and wines every year.

“I love the intimacy of working in a small winery,” says Leo. “You get to discover the charm and subtleties of each vineyard block. This is an amazing vineyard. As a winemaker, I try to show it respect with a gentle approach that focuses more on natural yeasts and less on oak. The goal isn’t to speak for the vineyard, it’s to let the vineyard speak for itself.”

To enjoy Stuhlmuller Vineyards’ small, artisan winery, it is recommended that you make a reservation. Its Sonoma County tasting room is open daily from 10:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. The Stuhlmuller Vineyards team looks forward to hosting you and sharing more about its noteworthy story.