A popular winery in Healdsburg, Christopher Creek Winery offers delightful wines, stunning views, and accommodating service. To allow guests the opportunity to enjoy all its tasting room has to offer, Christopher Creek has three great tasting options available. Continue reading to learn more about these experiences offered at the winery. 

Tasting Options:

Estate Tasting

Enjoy a variety of award-winning wines while enjoying a fantastic view of the rolling hills and vineyards. Their flight of wines is bold and rich just like their hospitality.

The experience lasts 45 minutes, can accommodate from 1 to 12 guests, and costs $20/person.

Legacy Tasting

During this tasting, you will be able to try award-winning, limited production Pinot Noirs directly from the barrel and enjoy a variety of our award-winning wines.

The experience lasts 60 minutes, can accommodate from 1 to 8 guests, and costs $50/person.

Ultimate Tasting Experience

Enjoy the award-winning wines of Christopher Creek, try barrel tastings, a local selection of meats and cheeses, and, along with one of the winery’s owners, open a limited production library wine that is unavailable to the public. 

The experience lasts 90 minutes, can accommodate from 1 to 8 guests, and costs $100/person.

To book any of these great tasting options, please click here. Keep in mind that your Harvest Card benefits can be used at the winery for applicable services. If you have any further questions for Christopher Creek Winery, please contact them. Their team looks forward to serving you at your next tasting!