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“Having grown up in Wine Country and hospitality, the launch of Harvest Card seemed to be natural. So, I created a membership program that would allow those who are not “industry” to experience Wine Country as an insider. I want all Harvest Card members to feel that they are right there with me, each and every time they have a Wine Country experience. I am so fortunate to live in such an incredible region and know that the luxury we experience daily is nothing to be taken for granted. Harvest Card was created to benefit both locals as well as our friends who visit a few times each year, to help elevate your experience.”

Harvest Card’s Proud Partnership with Sonoma Family Meal


At Harvest Card, we have the privilege of working with a variety of wine country’s best restaurants, wineries, hotels, and services. However, we have one very special partnership with a local non-profit that exists to give back to the community. Sonoma Family Meal started in 2017 in response to the devastating Northern California firestorms that took place that year. Now, the mission of Sonoma Family Meal is to mobilize the local food community to serve families experiencing a transitional need for prepared food assistance. Sonoma Family Meal was founded by Heather Irwin who currently serves as the CEO. Taylor Eason serves as the treasurer, and Harvest Card’s founder and CEO, Landon McPherson, serves as the secretary. Heather, Taylor, and Landon, along with countless other volunteers, work diligently to ensure that Sonoma Family Meal continues to serve the community. The organization partners with those in the Bay area food community to prepare chef-made meals quickly, safely, and efficiently. Since 2017, over 125,000 meals have been prepared and donated

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Enjoy Valentine’s Day with Your Harvest Card


Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and you may find yourself scrambling for plans. Whether you are looking to spend the day with your closest friends or with your significant other, your Harvest Card will provide you access to a variety of great options. From wine tastings to dining excursions, use your Harvest Card to experience the best Valentine’s Day plans in the Sonoma County area. For a downloadable list of our winery and restaurant partners, please click here. Each partner has its location included, so you are able to plan your day efficiently. Additionally, the asterisks noted by some options indicate that reservations are required. However, we strongly encourage you to make reservations at your selected winery or restaurant if possible. Each Harvest Card partner offers unique benefits and discounts, so please keep this in mind while making plans. Again, we advise that you check the locations’ hours of operation and make a reservation as soon as possible to ensure you have the least stressful day possible.

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Join the Char Vale Wine Club


Char Vale Winery is undeniably a premier wine estate in Sonoma County that continually amazes local wine enthusiasts and tourists alike. Its established presence in wine country is known as they have positioned the business for success. Notably, it boasts one of the best wine clubs in Sonoma County that countless members have been able to enjoy. We believe pairing your Harvest Card benefits with the perks of the Char Vale wine club will create incredible wine tasting experiences. Char Vale offers three tiers of wine club membership: the Wine Lover Club, the Enthusiast Club, and the Connoisseur Club. Membership in the clubs provides access to limited-production wines with a host of unique benefits. The membership options include: Wine Lover Club: 3 Bottles Twice per Year Customize your wine shipments Complimentary tastings for you and 1 guest Invitation to special winery events Receive a 15% discount on all wines and merchandise Refer a friend who joins the club and receives a $15 credit Half-off price of in-state

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Experience Pedroncelli Winery


Since 1927, four generations of the Pedroncelli family have called Sonoma County home. The Dry Creek Valley is where the family tended the land to become the notable winery it is today. With its great wine selection, incredible tasting room, exclusive wine club, and dedication to sustainability, there is much to experience with Pedroncelli Winery. The Pedroncelli tasting room is the undoubtedly the heart of the winery. The team loves meeting wine enthusiasts and sharing the fruit of their labor with others. The classic tasting of a selection of wines is $10 (not including a Harvest Card membership), but the fee is waived with the purchase of wine. For enhanced tasting experiences, click here to review the different options that are offered. While not required, reservations are recommended for groups of 8 or more. Please call the winery at 707-857-3531 or e-mail gary@pedroncelli.com for more information or to make a reservation. While wine tastings are a great way to experience Pedroncelli, there are other opportunities for involvement.

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What to Know Before Your First Trip to Wine Country


At Harvest Card, we’re pretty much obsessed with all things wine. Not only are we focused on giving our card-holders exclusive access to the areas best wineries, but we want to ensure guests and tourists are prepared before they arrive at the tasting room or vineyard. Continue reading for helpful answers to questions frequently asked before wine tastings and vineyard tours. What should I wear to a wine tasting? We suggest dressing casually and comfortably in layers. Sonoma County is a coastal region, and the mornings and evenings are typically cool while the afternoons can be quite warm. Tasting rooms and cellars are kept cool to protect the wine, so guests should bring a light jacket. How much does a typical wine tasting cost? As a Harvest Card Member, the tasting fees for the card member and one guest will be waived at each of our partner wineries. Typically tasting fees range from $15-$20 per person. Are reservations required for wine tastings? Some wineries require reservations, some

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Introducing Enriquez Estate Wines


The story of Enriquez Estate Wines is both unique and unexpected. During a family trip, Eduardo, his wife, Ana, and their daughter, Cecilia, took a detour in Sonoma County to experience a wine tasting. Little did they know, this trip would inspire them to build their own winery. The combination of Eduardo’s medical background and Ana’s family’s agricultural experience, the family quickly developed an interest in the winemaking process. A winery owner who also worked in real estate told the family about a property in Petaluma, Sonoma County. Soon after, Eduardo, Ana, and Cecilia decided to take a leap of faith and start what is now Enriquez Estate Wines. Enriquez Estate Wines is a new partner of Harvest Card and we encourage you to visit this fantastic winery and meet this incredible family. Tastings are by appointment only, so please contact the winery to schedule your reservation. The wine estate also offers a beautiful guest house that was renovated from an old milk barn. It’s a great

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The Story of Stuhlmuller Vineyards


The Story of Stuhlmuller Vineyards Since 1982, Stuhlmuller Vineyards has built its reputation as a premier grower and seller of Sonoma County’s best grapes. In the mid-90s, Fritz Stuhlmuller, the founder, decided to open a small, artisan winery after being inspired by complex wines created from his family’s vineyard. In 2000, a new winery was built at Stuhlmuller Vineyards. Today, the Sonoma County winery boasts incredible wine created by the vineyard’s world-class fruit. In the vineyards, Chardonnay fruit with a delightfully distinct taste is produced. Additionally, the Cabernet Sauvignon offers hints of sage and bay leaf with signature fruit and cocoa tastes. Stuhlmuller Vineyard’s online shop boasts a variety of their best wines that everyone will enjoy. The vineyard’s head winemaker, Leo Hansen, strives to cultivate the best grapes and wines every year. “I love the intimacy of working in a small winery,” says Leo. “You get to discover the charm and subtleties of each vineyard block. This is an amazing vineyard. As a winemaker, I try

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The History of Russian River Vineyards


The History of Russian River Vineyards Nestled in Forestville, Russian River Vineyards has quite a story to tell. With its founding taking place in the 1890s, the estate was built as a modest family farming business. However, over time, the small farmhouse became a roadhouse, and an old Hop Kiln style building became a winery. While the vineyard was one of the region’s first, in the 1990s, the beautiful estate became forgotten. However, in 2008, Russian River Vineyards received a second chance. Founding partners Chris O’Neill, Barbara Sattler, Giovanni Balistreri, and Anthony Austin worked diligently to restore the beautiful estate. Through their efforts, Russian River Vineyards once again operates and provides memorable experiences to all who visit. Since its reopening, countless wine enthusiasts have enjoyed visiting Russian River Vineyards. The tasting lounge is open Sunday-Thursday 12 p.m. - 6 p.m. On Friday and Saturday, the tasting room is open from 12 p.m. - 7 p.m. While reservations are not required, they are recommended due to the estate’s

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MacPhail Wines: The Little Red Wagon


Since its first vintage in 2002, MacPhail Wines has continued to impress wine enthusiasts in Sonoma County and Mendocino’s Anderson Valley. Not only does the winery excel in its industry, but its founders, the Hess’, place significant value on both family and fun. The family believes in cherishing the simple joys in life which are symbolized by the little red wagon in the logo and interwoven within the business’ strategy. MacPhail Wines has truly become a revered winery in Sonoma County and Mendocino’s Anderson Valley. Currently, Tim and Sabrina Persson, the fifth generation of the Hess family, serve as the winery’s owners and operators. Matt Courtney, the head winemaker, has worked with the family for years and has played a significant role in MacPhail’s success. MacPhail Wines forges strong partnerships with local growers willing to join them in the pursuit of better wine. Additionally, the family uses traditional, old-world winemaking techniques with minimal intervention to deliver exceptional wines. While the family chooses to never take life too

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Balletto Vineyards: Dedication to Sustainability


Located in Santa Rosa, Balletto Vineyards has become one of the most established and successful wineries in the area. Not only do they produce incredible wines, but they are very dedicated to cultivating sustainability. Through its various sustainability practices, Balletto Vineyards has attained awards and recognition for its efforts while bettering the environment. Balletto Vineyard’s Sustainability Practices Cover Crop: Every year, a cover crop - typically legumes - is planted after the grapes have been picked. This practice helps increase the soil’s organic matter, cycle nutrients, and provide erosion control. Natural Pest Control: We have bird perches and owl boxes in each vineyard so that birds and owls will come and hunt for gophers and other rodents in the vineyards. Compost: All our grape pomace is composted for about 9 months before spreading and tilling it back into our vineyard’s soil. This helps improve soil structure, increases soil nitrogen, helps with positive microbiological activity and provides other micronutrients to the soil. Habitat Management: We make sure the border areas are

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