Explore Sonoma County

Explore Sonoma County

MacPhail Wines: The Little Red Wagon


Since its first vintage in 2002, MacPhail Wines has continued to impress wine enthusiasts in Sonoma County and Mendocino’s Anderson Valley. Not only does the winery excel in its industry, but its founders, the Hess’, place significant value on both family and fun. The family believes in cherishing the simple joys in life which are symbolized by the little red wagon in the logo and interwoven within the business’ strategy. MacPhail Wines has truly become a revered winery in Sonoma County and Mendocino’s Anderson Valley. Currently, Tim and Sabrina Persson, the fifth generation of the Hess family, serve as the winery’s owners and operators. Matt Courtney, the head winemaker, has worked with the family for years and has played a significant role in MacPhail’s success. MacPhail Wines forges strong partnerships with local growers willing to join them in the pursuit of better wine. Additionally, the family uses traditional, old-world winemaking techniques with minimal intervention to deliver exceptional wines. While the family chooses to never take life too

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Balletto Vineyards: Dedication to Sustainability


Located in Santa Rosa, Balletto Vineyards has become one of the most established and successful wineries in the area. Not only do they produce incredible wines, but they are very dedicated to cultivating sustainability. Through its various sustainability practices, Balletto Vineyards has attained awards and recognition for its efforts while bettering the environment. Balletto Vineyard’s Sustainability Practices Cover Crop: Every year, a cover crop - typically legumes - is planted after the grapes have been picked. This practice helps increase the soil’s organic matter, cycle nutrients, and provide erosion control. Natural Pest Control: We have bird perches and owl boxes in each vineyard so that birds and owls will come and hunt for gophers and other rodents in the vineyards. Compost: All our grape pomace is composted for about 9 months before spreading and tilling it back into our vineyard’s soil. This helps improve soil structure, increases soil nitrogen, helps with positive microbiological activity and provides other micronutrients to the soil. Habitat Management: We make sure the border areas are

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New Year, Same Great Benefits with Harvest Card


Every new year, there is always so much anticipation for the good things to come with the new season. Whether you have been a member with Harvest Card, or you recently joined the community, we look forward to sharing the great benefits of wine country’s premier hospitality experience program. With the start of the new year, we wanted to reintroduce Harvest Card and give an overview of the program’s incredible benefits! Harvest Card was created with the desire to give people in our community an “insider” experience in wine country’s hospitality scene. Landon McPherson, Founder and CEO of Harvest Card, has said: “Having grown up in Wine Country and hospitality, the launch of Harvest Card seemed to be natural. So, I created a membership program that would allow those who are not “industry” to experience Wine Country as an insider. I want all Harvest Card members to feel that they are right there with me, each and every time they have a Wine Country experience. I am

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Harvest Card New Year’s Eve Wine Selection


Harvest Card is proud to share the 2018 New Year's Eve Wine Selection! Explore and enjoy some world-class Sonoma County wines handpicked this holiday season! Sparkling Bowman Cellars NV Blanc de Noir, $38 BowmanCellars.com Iron Horse Vineyards Winter’s Cuvee, $65 IronHorseVineyards.com Rosé The Meeker Vineyard 2017 ZinGrie, $25 MeekerWine.com Marimar Estate Winery 2017 Rose of Pinot Noir, $35 MarimarEstate.com Sauvignon Blanc Rodney Strong 2017 Sauvignon Blanc, Charlotte’s Home Ranch, $17 RodneyStrong.com Trecini Winery 2017 Russian River Valley Sauvignon Blanc, $19 TreciniWinery.com Chardonnay Taft Street Winery 2016 Garagistes Chardonnay, $28 TaftStreetWinery.com Stuhlmuller Vineyards & Winery 2016 Estate Chardonnay, $30 StuhlmullerVineyards.com Cabernet Sauvignon Rodney Strong 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon, Rockaway, $75 RodneyStrong.com Pinot Noir MacPhail Wines 2016 Pinot Noir, The Flyer, $50 MacPhailWine.com Chenoweth Wines 2015 Pinot Noir, Green Valley, $75 ChenowethWines.com Marimar Estate Winery 2014 Pinot Noir, Mas Cavalls Dona Margarita Vineyard, $47 MarimarEstate.com DRNK 2015 Pinot Noir, Anderson Valley, $40 DRNKWines.com Zinfandel Wilson Winery 2016 Zinfandel, Cypress Ridge, $42 WilsonWinery.com Harvest Moon Estate & Winery 2016 Savage Zinfandel, $48

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Explore deLorimier Winery


Over the years, winemakers Ken and Diane Wilson have proved to be very successful in California’s wine country. The Wilson Artisan Wineries include Wilson Winery, Mazzocco Sonoma, Matrix Winery, Jaxon Keys Winery, Soda Rock Winery, Pezzi King Vineyards, St. Anne’s Crossing, Greenwood Ridge Winery, and deLorimier Winery. The Wilsons always loved the Alexander Valley near their home in Healdsburg. When the opportunity arose to include deLorimier Winery in their group of vineyard properties, they took advantage of the business venture. Since the Wilsons acquired deLorimier Winery, it has become a significant and thriving aspect of their winery group. deLorimier Winery attracts visitors locally and from across the nation. It boasts beautiful estate vineyards, an impressive tasting room, and outdoor seating with views of the Alexander Valley. The tasting room is open daily from 10:30 a.m. - 5 p.m. For Groups over 8 people, reservations are required. Additionally, wine club members and four guests receive complimentary tastings during each visit. The winery offers a great wine club with

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The Harvest Card: A Perfect Last Minute Gift


With the holidays only a few days away, many people may find themselves scrambling to find the perfect gifts for their loved ones. For a present that provides many discounts on winery tastings, travel, food, events, and other services, look no further than the Harvest Card. The 2018/2019 Harvest Card is a perfect gift for many people and will allow them to enjoy relaxing getaways, unique wine tastings, and a variety of events over the next year. Harvest Card has many wonderful partners who offer great discounts, services, and experiences including: Restaurants: Red River Vine Cafe Starks Steak & Seafood Willi’s Seafood & Raw Bar Perch + Plow John Ash & Co Monti’s Rotisserie & Bar  Bird & the Bottle  Bravas Bar De Tapas Franchettis’ Barley & Bine Beer Cafe Wineries: Sonoma Brothers Distilling DeLoach Vineyards Campana Ranch Winery ACORN Winery DRNK Matrix Winery Pedroncelli Winery Pezzi King St. Anne’s Crossing Merriam Vineyards Marimar Estate Trecini Winery K Squared Cellars deLorimier Winery  Christopher Creek Winery Juncture Taproom

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DeLoach Vineyards: Dedication to Excellence


For over three decades, DeLoach Vineyards has been a leader in the winemaking industry in Sonoma's Russian River Valley. Its specialties include Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Zinfandel, and the vineyard focuses on perfecting the best combinations of soil, rootstock, and clones. In 2003, the Boisset family brought their extensive experience in sustainable winemaking from France to California. It was not long before DeLoach Vineyards became very well known and respected. In 2004, DeLoach Vineyards produced Wine Enthusiast magazine’s “2004 Wine of the Year”, the DeLoach Vineyards 30th Anniversary Cuvee Pinot Noir. In 2012, Wine and Spirits magazine named DeLoach Vineyards a Top 100 winery for the 12th time. These are just a few examples of recognition the winery has received. From its many praises, it is evident that DeLoach Vineyards is dedicated to excellence through every aspect of the winemaking process. DeLoach Vineyards offers a variety of tasting experiences for its guests and members. Due to the vineyard’s popularity, tastings are by appointment only. To schedule your

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Gift Yourself the 2018/2019 Holiday Harvest Card


With the holiday season upon us, many of us are focusing on finding gifts for our friends and family. While it is the season of giving, it is also important to take time to evaluate and reflect on our personal needs, desires, and goals for the coming year. Giving yourself the gift of the Harvest Card will create a variety of opportunities in the new year. From great discounts on wine tastings, restaurants, transportation, and other services, you will not only save money but you will enjoy incredible experiences. Giving yourself the gift of relaxation, quality time with loved ones, and cherished memories will continue to benefit you mentally, emotionally, and physically for years to come. Click here to view our extensive list of phenomenal partners and their discounts through Harvest Card. The Harvest Card also opens up opportunities to attend exclusive events. To view our past events, click here. The 2018/2019 Annual Harvest Card membership is an investment of $99 for one card or $149 for

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Explore Sonoma County with Healdsburg Vino Tours


Explore Sonoma County with Healdsburg Vino Tours Healdsburg Vino Tours, a locally owned wine tour company, specializes in private tours throughout Sonoma County. With over 2,000 square miles of wineries to explore, having a professional, local guide navigate through the valleys is very helpful. Healdsburg Vino Tours provides guests with a Certified Tourism Ambassador who will not only provide a driving service but will give valuable insight as a local to the area. Aaron Costa currently serves as the Certified Tourism Ambassador, and he has over 12 years of experience in the industry. He truly enjoys creating memorable experiences for his customers. Due to its incredible customer service, the business receives many praises. For example, a client named Jennifer said this of Healdsburg Vino Tours on Yelp: "Aaron gave us the best experience! Absolutely amazing! He custom-picked, based on a few questions we answered for him, some incredible wineries. Meeting us with chocolates and cold water, we hit the road for a gorgeous drive through wine country.

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