Sustainable Practices at Rodney Strong Vineyards


Harvest Card recognizes the difficulty that goes into sustaining a vineyard. It is hard work, but it is rewarding. In order to harvest the best grapes, vineyards also need to be cared for and treated with respect. We are so proud of Rodney Strong Vineyards and the sustainable practices that they have implemented to care for their land and the environment.  At Rodney Strong Vineyards, the team has an unwavering commitment to preserve the Earth for generations to come. In 2010, they were first recognized as a certified sustainable vineyard by the California Sustainable Winegrower’s Alliance. Since then, their commitment to sustainable practices is an ongoing responsibility that combines environmental health, economic feasibility and social equity. By implementing a collection of practices, including installing solar power, they have lowered their winery and vineyards’ carbon impact to zero. Soil and water conservation also play a role at Rodney Strong vineyards. The team composts grape pumice to return to the soils as organic matter. Additionally, they employ drip irrigation