New Year, Same Great Benefits with Harvest Card


Every new year, there is always so much anticipation for the good things to come with the new season. Whether you have been a member with Harvest Card, or you recently joined the community, we look forward to sharing the great benefits of wine country’s premier hospitality experience program. With the start of the new year, we wanted to reintroduce Harvest Card and give an overview of the program’s incredible benefits! Harvest Card was created with the desire to give people in our community an “insider” experience in wine country’s hospitality scene. Landon McPherson, Founder and CEO of Harvest Card, has said: “Having grown up in Wine Country and hospitality, the launch of Harvest Card seemed to be natural. So, I created a membership program that would allow those who are not “industry” to experience Wine Country as an insider. I want all Harvest Card members to feel that they are right there with me, each and every time they have a Wine Country experience. I am